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                                  WELCOME TO AMNAH COLLEGE!

AMNAH College (American Medical, Nutrition & Allied Health College) was established in 2009 as a private college. AMNAH College is currently being directed by Dr. Hannah Abraham Shea, EdD and Ms. Taghreed Sahafi till its founder Professor Dr. Youssef Al-Sheikh Zohar, MMP, DNM, PhD, C(ASCP) (click here for Prof. Dr. Zohar's bio) is finished with clinical training at other medical institutes.

Currently, AMNAH College does not offer financial aid through the US Department of Education or educational loans from third party lenders. However, AMNAH College is quite affordable and tuition is as low as $50 per credit hour with easy payment installments.

AMNAH College provides a rigorous curriculum conducted through online education and currently offers undergraduate and graduate certificates and diplomas as well as master and doctorate degrees in the following fields:

  • Medicine: Integrative, herbal, complementary and alternative medicine.
  • Biomedical Sciences: Biomedical ethics & laws, forensics, biomedical engineering and informatics.
  • Nutrition: Clinical Nutrition, nutrition communications, nutraceutics and pharmaceutics.
  • Biochemical Sciences: Clinical chemistry, metabolism biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, chemistry informatics, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical chemistry.
  • Allied Health: Health information communications, health exhibition & promotion, health informatics and technologies.
  • Biophysical Sciences: Biofeedback and neurofeedback.
  • Holy Medicine & Nutrition: Biblical medicine, Kosher diatary rules, cleansing, and other faith-based healing systems.
  • Holy Sciences: Holy informatics.

"AMNAH College helped me explore my future career opportunities and make a sound decision in becoming a medical practitioner" S. Jones

"The director of AMNAH College is a very wise man, a walking encyclopeadia. He was the one who opened my eyes and advised me to become a nutraceutical entrepreneur" M. Larson

"I enjoyed doing my biofeedback and neurofeedback workshops at AMNAH College. The mentor was very helpful in teaching me how to employ biofeedback & neurofeedback technologies in my practice" P. Gray

"What has always amazed me is that the founder, Dr. Zohar, very much has a degree in every field and subject taught at AMNAH College!!!!!!!!!!!!!" L. Chapman